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COVID-19: We are fully prepared to handle your case without personal contact through the use of video conferencing, electronic mail, and other technologies. More information here. 

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During the current crisis, we are fully prepared to handle your case without the need for you personally to come to our offices. We have access to videoconferencing technology that allows us to meet in an incredibly personal manner while you remain in your office or home. All you need is access to a web browser or smartphone. Even if you do not have either of those, most things can be accomplished over the phone, and doing business this way is nothing new. Over the years we have represented many out-of-state clients whom we've never met in person.

In addition, the Missouri governor has issued Executive Order 20-08, which temporarily allows remote notarization of documents via video conference so long as both parties are located in the State of Missouri. This is an incredibly useful provision that will allow court filings, real estate sales, and many other transactions--even those that are not deemed "essential"--to proceed under the current stay-at-home orders.  

The Courts implemented electronic filing years ago, so the COVID-19 situation is no impediment to getting things on file. Currently, the courts remain open. However, access to the courthouse is by permission only, so many hearings have been postponed, unless the hearing is can be conducted via videoconference. Many judges and lawyers have quickly adopted technologies that allow this to happen, so there is still much that can be done in the way of judicial relief.

In addition, certain cases that are deemed urgent are going forward even where videoconferencing cannot be utilized. Generally, these are cases involving people who are currently incarcerated, emergency custody hearings, protection order cases, and other time-sensitive matters. 


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