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COVID-19: We are fully prepared to handle your case without personal contact through the use of video conferencing, electronic mail, and other technologies. More information here. 

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During the current crisis, we are fully prepared to handle your case without the need for you personally to come to our offices. We have access to videoconferencing technology that allows us to meet in an incredibly personal manner while you remain in your office or home. All you need is access to a web browser or smartphone. Even if you do not have either of those, most things can be accomplished over the phone, and doing business this way is nothing new. Over the years we have represented many out-of-state clients whom we've never met in person.

In addition, the Missouri governor has issued Executive Order 20-08, which temporarily allows remote notarization of documents via video conference so long as both parties are located in the State of Missouri. This is an incredibly useful provision that will allow court filings, real estate sales, and many other transactions--even those that are not deemed "essential"--to proceed under the current stay-at-home orders.  

The Courts implemented electronic filing years ago, so the COVID-19 situation is no impediment to getting things on file. Currently, the courts remain open. However, access to the courthouse is by permission only, so many hearings have been postponed, unless the hearing is can be conducted via videoconference. Many judges and lawyers have quickly adopted technologies that allow this to happen, so there is still much that can be done in the way of judicial relief.

In addition, certain cases that are deemed urgent are going forward even where videoconferencing cannot be utilized. Generally, these are cases involving people who are currently incarcerated, emergency custody hearings, protection order cases, and other time-sensitive matters. 


Corn Growers Litigation

Corn Growers Litigation

If your farm has grown any type of corn other than Syngenta Viptera ® and 

Duracade TM, you may have a claim for the lost value of your crop.

In November 2013, China began rejecting U.S. Corn shipments containing even trace amounts of Syngenta Viptera ® and Duracade TM genetically modified corn. These GMO crops were not approved by China prior to Syngenta releasing the seed for use by U.S. Farmers. Now, the entire U.S. Corn supply has been "contaminated" with these genetically mondified crops through cross-pollination and commingling of corn from different farms during transportation.

As a result, the price of all U.S. corn has suffered. It is estimated that China's rejection of U.S. corn has already cost the industry up to $2.9 Billion in damages. Major litigation is ramping up throughout the country. 

We are currently conducting free evaluations for these cases. Please contact us at (314) 266-4400 to speak to a lawyer today. 




Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust & Estate Litigation is a highly technical field involving fiduciary duties, capacity to make or amend a trust or will, prudent investors law, and other areas. There are many reasons that litigation surrounding a will or trust may become necessary:

A trustee is making poor decisions with respect to management of trust assets or refusing to distribute the assets of the trust according to its terms 

A personal representative, administrator, or executor of an estate is failing to faithfully and fully discover all of the assets of the estate and properly administer them according to law or the terms of a final will

A final will, codicil, or trust has been created or amended by an elderly person that did not know what he or she was doing when it was executed

The terms of a trust or final will are amended such that an inequity has been created to those contributing property to the trust

If you have been disinherited or if you believe a trustee, executor of a will, or a personal representative or administrator of an estate is not handling things properly, please give us a call. 

Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful Death is a broad practice area that encompasses many other areas of the law. In the olden days, there was no cause of action if the negligence or intentional tort resulted in death. The theory was that the cause of action belonged to the injured person only, and extinguished when that person passed away. Obviously this resulted in extreme injustice where the basis for the tort was also the cause of death. Fortunately, the Missouri Legislature has made it possible for family members to sue for the loss of a family member. Section 537.080, RSMo. states:

Whenever the death of a person results from any act, conduct, occurrence, transaction, or circumstance which, if death had not ensued, would have entitled such person to recover damages in respect thereof, the person or party who, or the corporation which, would have been liable if death had not ensued shall be liable in an action for damages, notwithstanding the death of the person injured, which damages may be sued for....

As a result, family members have the right to pursue many types of cases ranging from auto accidents to premises liability to medical malpractice that result in their loved one's death. There are special procedures that must be followed both in bringing these actions and when distributing the recovery to the family members entitled to the proceeds. Our injury lawyers are experienced with these procedures and can help bring a meaningful recovery to you for the loss of your family member. 

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